Who we are

About Us

Redfern Rowley Ltd was started by 2 electricians that worked together for several years, Mark Redfern & Robert Rowley. Quickly realising that they were both creating high end installations, whilst other companies that they worked for were benefiting off their hard work. With many people coming directly asking for work, it made sense to make the leap and start Redfern Rowley Ltd. This has become a firm that now prides itself on its beautiful quality of work, keeping its promises, time keeping and always a well-mannered attitude to every client. No matter the size of the job.

About Mark Redfern

After a long and thorough apprenticeship at a high-end company I learnt everything that was needed to run big commercial jobs and was thrown in at the deep end as soon as I qualified. I did jobs such as garden centres and industrial factories. After doing this for a couple of years I was head hunted by an electrical company where I worked for many years, doing bespoke designs and installs for a lot of clients working to high specifications and quality. This is where I met Robert. Since we started this company, I am now a work-acholic. Focusing all my time and energy on making sure everything is going as planned and always keeping in touch with my clients.

About Robert Rowley

I started my electrical career working at Rugeley power station. This is where I was taught the basics of all circuits and fault finding on a large scale, but sadly the power station went into decommission. Having found a passion for electrics, I continued to train, gain qualifications and on-site experience throughout all sectors of the industry. I have been electrical supervisor for an extension on a brewery and a new building for a university. For some time, I have always wanted to start my own firm. Since meeting Mark, having the same standards and passion for the job we both enjoy doing, we decided to create a company that doesn’t just deliver great standards of work but a company that will make your dreams a reality.