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New Designs and Installations

An extension or new build? Any of these kinds of works that will require some lighting and sockets installing. We will come visit your property and discuss what it is you desire. We will go through the options and show you products that match your taste.


The same goes, even if this is an existing building with existing power and lighting in. But if you want a re-wire or just a couple of new additions, we will happily do this whilst keeping all mess and damage to a minimum.

Fuse Board Upgrades

Fuse boards are the main point that all your electrics go to in your house. This is where any issues are turned off in an emergency. These can become very outdated if the property is not maintained enough. Once that is the case these methods of stopping the electricity can fail. The age of these fuse boards are also high fire risks with loose terminals and made from plastic. That is why fuse boards are now required to be metal with RCD protection on all your circuits on domestic properties. And can include surge protection that keeps all your electronic equipment safe.

Smart Wiring

Using the newest products, you can control almost anything with the tap of your phone. Heating, lights, sockets and more. Even basic versions that mean you can put a new switch in for your existing lights without having to pull in new wiring.

Lighting Upgrades

Swapping out old lights are a great way to improve the look of your home. Bringing a fresh look as well as installing LED’s that bring down your electrical bill. Also consider installing mood lighting and decorative lighting, gives your home that special touch. For bigger commercial places like sports halls, we can offer to measure your space and provide the lighting requirement calculation and install the right type of LED fittings.

External Power and Lighting

IP rated electrical accessories are a must for outdoors. Garden lighting can add a stunning look to your space whilst giving you the ability to stay out whilst it gets dark. Outdoor sockets for lawnmowers or jet washers or even better, external heaters.

Emergency Lighting Installs and Testing

Emergency Lights are battery back-up lights that are required in all commercial and industrial buildings. We can do the location design and install these, as well as doing the required annual testing. We would sign off log books or provide one if you have not been provided one by your previous installers.

Testing and Emergency Fault Finding

Periodic testing is required for all homes and buildings as cables can degrade over time. You should have on your certificates your next inspection date. These are also called condition reports or EICR, and we would tell you if any works are required and the danger level it poses if not rectified.

We also do emergency call outs if you have any issues that require testing. We would come and get you up and working or worse case make it safe and arrange a re visit at a time to suit you.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

As a company that does care about the environment and wants to see more electric vehicles on the road, we do install car charging points. These are more convenient as they are situated in an easily accessible place, as well as charging your vehicle quicker than your conventional plug.

Data and Networks

A more solid internet connection with hard wired cabling with CAT5 or 6 or even 7. These can be installed to your router or we can build a data cab and have everything connected to that. These do not have to be only for the internet. They can also be for phone lines and Wi-Fi boosting. Basic telephone systems can also be installed.

TV and Audio Systems

This can be basic TV wall mounting, or a basic TV aerial install, to a 7-speaker home-cinema with multi-room audio ceiling speakers with apps on your phone. We can install all satellite wiring. HMDI ports so you do not have any cable going from the floor up to the TV on show.


Cameras are a great deterrent to thieves. We can install cameras that are up to 4K HD rated and we can plan out your locations, so you do not have a blind spot. Have them connected to your phone so you can always see what is going on whilst you are away.

Building Maintenance

Contracted work for places like care homes and schools that require electrical work constantly. This can include testing of fire alarms and emergency lights. Swapping out damaged items that must be repaired immediately.

And all other electrical works
  • Motors
  • Disabled toilet call alarms
  • Electric panel heaters
  • Electric door holders and locks
  • Doorbells
  • Intercoms
  • Extract fans
  • Electric Cooker and Hob swaps
  • And More

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a query in some other electrical needs.